November 11, 2014

Before we left the hospital Scott and I had to attend an education class on home care. I remember a few highlights off the top of my head, one being that the varicella virus was now especially dangerous for Theo. That shouldn’t be a problem we figured, because all of our kids have been vaccinated and 7 of them broke out with the real thing back in 2012.

Cali started running a fever on Monday. With her molars breaking in I gave her Tylenol and put her to bed for the night. Wouldn’t you know it, Tuesday morning she wakes up covered in red spots. I call the pediatrician and ask if they would help me figure out what it is. Honestly, I think I already know. We visit the office that afternoon after lunch. Even the nurse practitioner admits she thinks I am letting the education class get to me. Nope. Chicken Pox. And Cali’s vaccination chart? She was due to get the shot last month, and we never came in. My bad.

Scott left work early because the CHOP doctors didn’t want Theo and Cali in the same car. We put Theo in Scott’s car and I took the kids home. I grabbed my overnight bag while Scott and Theo waited outside. Theo and I headed to CHOP to be given a dose of antibodies. It doesn’t really matter that Theo was vaccinated at one, nor does it matter than he had the real thing at two. Chemo changes everything. Theo has little of his antibodies left, and he can’t make new antibodies, so they will give him someone else’s antibodies. Amazing. At first we were told we would be admitted indefinitely. Then the CDC weighed in and they decided to send us home. Cali was contagious days before, so the damage was done. We would also be an exposure threat to the other patients. Theo and I came home late that night and I went to town with the Clorox wipes.

They are hopeful that the antibodies will last around 4 weeks giving Theo the immunity he needs while Cali gets better. We ask for your prayers as the virus subsides. Please pray Theo doesn’t get it, and please also pray Cali heals quickly.


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