Our Family Stones

Sunday September 4, 2016

I love to scrapbook.  Although as our family gets bigger and technology gets easier, maybe it’s not called scrapbooking anymore.  Whatever it is, I love to spend the summer sorting through our pictures.  Smilebox is my go-to photo app.  I delete the fuzzy pictures and arrange and label the memorable ones.  Each kid has a collection of albums.  I also keep a family album for each year and a marriage album of each anniversary.

I had been avoiding Theo’s chemo pictures for a while.  I hate to see him without hair.  I finally sat down last week and went through every. single. picture.   I cried the entire afternoon, but I sorted through 20 months of pictures.

The book of Joshua is an exciting account of incredible adventure and miracles.  Chapter 1 starts out with clear instructions from the Lord, instructions that speak to us today as much as they spoke to Joshua back then.  Chapters 2 and 3 would make a great movie (in my opinion).  And in Chapter 4, God instructs the people to stop and build a memorial to remember what He accomplished through them.

In the daily grunt of life, it’s so easy to pray, to receive God’s provision and then move on and forget.  We are quick to adopt the next worry or need.  We bask in our neediness instead of basking in His goodness and faithfulness. We give proportionately less time and attention to the answered prayer and an excess of time and attention on the next unknown.  I stand guilty of this all the time.  I can tell you 10 things that weigh on my heart as we begin a new week, but my memory is fuzzy when it comes to God’s grace and mercy from just yesterday.

I hope our scrapbooks are a blessing to our kids.  They love to look through them now and I imagine them sharing our memories with their spouses and kids in the years to come.  More importantly, my scrapbook time has become a discipline of remembering.  It often turns into a time of worship.  When I stop and look at all that God has delivered us from, the big things and the little things, all I can do is bless His name.

Happy Remembering

Joshua 4

21 He said to the Israelites, “In the future when your descendants ask their parents, ‘What do these stones mean?’ 22 tell them, ‘Israel crossed the Jordan on dry ground.’ 23 For the Lord your God dried up the Jordan before you until you had crossed over. The Lord your God did to the Jordan what he had done to the Red Sea[b] when he dried it up before us until we had crossed over. 24 He did this so that all the peoples of the earth might know that the hand of the Lord is powerful and so that you might always fear the Lord your God.”

Psalm 77

11I will remember the deeds of the Lord;
yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.
12 I will consider all your works
and meditate on all your mighty deeds.”

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Bringing Hope Home


Thursday September 1, 2016

After 22 months of personal experience I don’t have anything good to say about cancer. I do, however, have plenty to say about the remarkable people we have met along the way.

Tonight we shall dedicate this blog post to Bringing Hope Home. BHH is a local charity dedicated to supporting and encouraging families who are battling cancer. BHH has been such a bright spot for us, both practically and spontaneously and today was no exception.  BHH called us out of the blue and offered us Eagles tickets. Not just for two or three people, but tickets for all 11 of us. How cool is that?

Here is a link to BHH’s website.  If you or someone you know is looking for a reputable and effective charity to support, BHH is one we would recommend.

Bringing Hope Home

Tomorrow is Theo’s next spinal tap. We covet your prayers for safety as they sedate Theo. Please pray for peace in his little boy heart and a steady hand for the doctor.  Please pray the medicine does all the good things it’s supposed to do and none of the bad things written in the fine print of our parent handbook. Please also praise God with us as we celebrate 22 months of successful treatment.  We’ll continue to keep you posted.

Many Blessings

Psalm 150

Praise the Lord.[a]
Praise God in his sanctuary;
    praise him in his mighty heavens.
Praise him for his acts of power;
    praise him for his surpassing greatness.
Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet,
    praise him with the harp and lyre,
praise him with timbrel and dancing,
    praise him with the strings and pipe,
praise him with the clash of cymbals,
    praise him with resounding cymbals.
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.