Our Summer Update


Friday July 20, 2018

Theo is doing great! His counts continue to be stable and his physicals are uneventful.  Our only glitch has been frequent bleeders in his eyes which, honestly, bother me more than they bother him.  Between the eye doctor and the oncologist we have classified them as harmless so we are thankful for that.

Prayerfully Scott decided not to work for the Summer School Program this summer.  Although we’re always appreciative of another paycheck, it seemed like “time” was the priority this summer and it has been fantastic to have him home.  We start every morning with devotions and a bike ride and he’s teaching the boys how to play baseball at our local elementary school.  This decision has given us the chance to be more intentional with each kid, enjoying one on one conversations that don’t always happen when you’re hustling during the school year.  Scott has also purposed to meet with a friend each day.  I have purposed to meet with one friend a week, so if you do the quick math, that means Scott has 45 friends and I have 8 friends.  What can I say, opposites attract.

For about 30 days our house was on the market with the hopes of finding a 5 bedroom home for our soon-to-be 10 kids.  That turned out to be a more costly goal then we expected so we’ve decided to stay put for now.  Instead we’ve converted one of our master closets into a toddler bedroom for Troy, we have the baby’s crib set up next to our bed and we’re adding a shower in the laundry room.  We’re calling it the “boys’ shower.”  In an attempt to honor our daughters we have given them exclusive rights to the upstairs bathroom, which means all 5 boys have been sharing our master bath.  Once I realized moving wasn’t an option, I started brainstorming ways to reclaim my privacy and a first floor shower is what we landed on.

I am now 30 weeks along with Baby #10.  I am grateful for good health and an uneventful pregnancy.  With the bedrooms and bathrooms better organized I think we’re ready to begin a new school year and meet Baby Boy in September.

As always thank you for your friendship!

Psalm 34